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A Perfect Plan to Wedding Event

A marriage ceremony or wedding event requires to consider a thousand of things. From deciding the color theme of the wedding, to accommodation arrangement for guests and relatives, to decoration of the event venue, to arrange refreshment, food as well as beverage for inviting guests & contacts, a wedding event includes numerous tasks.

Some of the grooms take pleasure to make arrangements of their own and smart ones hire professionals to make arrangements that they can enjoy the ceremonial activities to the fullest. Experts or agencies that offer professional services to organize events such as wedding, engagement or corporate gathering, eliminates all the hassle that occur during a wedding event.

An event manager knows well what actually requires making an event successful, also, they are equipped with the appropriate tools and manpower to organize an event smoothly. Apart from this, they are aware with all the probable issues that might occur during a wedding, and they come up with an expert solution for every existing issue instantly.

Hiring experts or a professional wedding event management agency is just not enough to ensure success of an event. You have to check out the proceedings your own. In order to ensure that things are going well or not, you can prepare a checklist of the tasks which are going to be done. Thus, you would be cleared that you are not missing anything. As you find that tasks are getting done, mark them progressively.

Remain close and connected with the event management professionals to get updated with what’s going on and what is required to be done. Moreover, you need to prepare a list of guests, relatives and contacts, you wish to invite on this special day of your life, to make certain that no significant person is left.Have a conversation with the caterer on estimated budget. Tell him frankly about your financial capacity and insist him the get the things done within your budget. Suggest him the whole sellers, who can provide uncooked food material and other essential things at reasonable rates. Do the same concerning decorator, photographer, and videographer.

Wedding Rehearsal

1) Make sure you’re aware of any deceased parents or divorced parents and potentially strained relationships. Every now and then someone is rude and it’s good to know that it’s because that person is stressed out due to a strained relationship and that it has nothing to do with you, personally. Divorced parents who still don’t get along can easily bring down the positive vibe.

2) Bring printed copy of ceremony to rehearsal. On the last page or wherever there’s space, write down the couple’s parent’s names (sometimes last names are different), any children’s names, coordinator’s names, photographer’s name, DJ’s name. Occasionally coordinators email out a timeline to the vendors and this info is often on that timeline. It always impresses people when you walk up to introduce yourself and you know their name.

3) Introduce yourself to EVERYONE at rehearsal and write names down. Members of the bridal party are prospective clients, parents sometimes give gratuity and fellow vendors give referrals. Also, you’ll need to know the name of the person/persons holding the rings so you can invite them up during the ceremony.

4) Ask the coordinator how she/he likes to run the rehearsal. Normally she’ll line everyone up in the places they’ll be standing during the ceremony, practice walking out, then walking back in and lining up, then the officiant runs through the bullet points of the ceremony, then everyone will practice walking back out again.

5) When running through the main points, instruct the couple:

Not to feel obligated to stare at you and that it’s actually a little weird if they’re staring at you the whole time. Make certain that they know to look at each other while exchanging vows and rings.

Ask them to please refrain from having a conversation during their ceremony. It happens, and it’s difficult to do your best when being ignored.

Explain that you’ll open by speaking to their guests and thank them for coming. Tell your couple that you might move around a little, to find friendly faces in the crowd to speak to, and for them not to move or try to get out of your way as you move around a little bit.

Then you’ll turn and speak to them both directly.

If they’ve chosen imagery, practice walking over to the table. The groom can lead the bride so he doesn’t step on her dress or they can each step to their own side of the table and meet behind it. Make sure couple stands behind the table, FACING THEIR GUESTS. Always avoid having their backs to their guests and photographer, if possible.

If parents or kids are involved, have them stand on each side of couple, behind the table used for imagery, also facing the guests.

If guest readers attend the rehearsal, make sure they know to either come up and take your spot standing in between the bride and groom, where you’ll hand off the mic. If there’s another microphone on a stand set off to one side, make sure they know that’s where they’ll stand to read. Ask the guest readers to take your spot, so they’re able to easily hug the couple after reading.

Practice ring exchange. If their best man is holding both rings, have him take your spot in between the couple so there’s a great photo of the three of them from the aisle. If the best man and maid-of-honor will each hold a ring, ask the couple to simply turn around and take the ring from them both.

6) Have fun at their rehearsal. When you practice the pronouncement, actually yell out, “Kiss the bride!” Usually the bridal party will cheer and then you’ll all practice walking out.

7) Ask the coordinator, “Where will we recess to sign their marriage license?” That will politely plant the seed that signing the license comes before anything else after their ceremony. Photographers are sometimes guilty of grabbing the couple and disappearing for photos, and you don’t want to wait around for an hour. This will prevent that from happening.

8) Ask all other vendors for business cards, in case you need to reach them. If you don’t have a business card to give them, let them know that you’ll email your contact info over once you get home. If the other vendors don’t have cards, make sure you’ve at least written down their names.

Officiate a Wedding

If you want to really know how to officiate a wedding when someone faints or throws up, follow these steps.

1) Instruct the couple and their bridal party to eat a little before the ceremony. Don’t suggest they pig out, just have a little something in their stomachs.

2)  Your energy is contagious and if you freak out, you’ll make it much worse for the wedding participants.

3) Instruct the person who’s experiencing upset to squeeze their feet and toes inside their shoes. This naturally grounds us and brings our conscious awareness back to the present moment.

4) Instruct the person who’s in trouble to BREATHE. Tell them to take full, deep breaths.

5) Ask a guest or someone in the bridal party to get water for whoever’s about to pass out or throw up.

6) Get a cold, damp towel or handkerchief for their forehead or to wipe their mouth and clean up.

7) Act like it’s no big deal! The person who experienced the upset is undoubtedly embarrassed and if you remain calm and act like it’s no big deal, their embarrassment will be diminished and you’ll look like a pro. Celebrate their recovery and ask the guests for applause.!

Having a bunch of people clap for you feels great, even when you’re embarrassed. That person will then know that his/her guests love and support them and then the ice has been officially broken before the ceremony even started. It’ll be way more comfortable for the fainter/barfer when first walking into their reception.

8) Give them a mint. Man do I wish I remembered that I had Altoids in my pocket! I carry a small tin of Altoids to hand out to the couple and their bridal party before walking into a ceremony. I would’ve looked even more professional, but it was my first time experiencing something like this and I forgot that the mints were there.

Destination Wedding

The solution? A destination wedding. While many think this means a wedding where you and a selection of friends and family hop on a plane to a tropical island, there are also destination weddings that happen closer to home, just not at home.

Getting married elsewhere may mean that tropical beach, but it may also mean an apple orchard hours from home, a quaint town nestled in the mountains, a historic location that you just fell in love with. Whatever the ‘destination’ there are a few things to remember before booking.

If you are planning to get married in the country that you live in, that’s one less thing to worry about. If, however your ideal place is outside of the country there will be paperwork and licenses that have to be obtained. Most places known for their weddings will have a pre-packaged deal that will be stress free and simple, they’ve done it before and they’ve perfected what they need to do.

If, however your dream wedding is in a place not known for weddings, you’ll have to do a lot of the legwork and planning on your own. (or with a professional planner of course)

Going out of town to get married is a lot more simple, you take who you want to be part of your big day and you save money on a huge reception since you only have a selection of friends and family in attendance. You can spend more time with your guests since there won’t be as many, and you will find the whole thing just a bit more relaxed than a large wedding with a large reception and everyone you have ever known in attendance.

If, however you have close friends and family who can’t travel or you just can’t leave out certain people no matter the numbers, then choosing a destination closer to home may be your ideal way to go. No one says it has to be a church and traditional, but having something within an hour of home helps everyone get there with not much hassle.